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Hey there! My name is Jia Wei, an NYP IT graduate. I see technology as the future as almost everything now is technology oriented. I am willing to learn useful skills and be able to develop solutions to solve problems. Currently dabbling with the ☁️ technologies.

I have Tourette's syndrome but that doesn't stop me from doing the things I like. I continue to embrace my Tourette's syndrome and do great things. I hope to use my skills to do meaningful things such as contributing my effort in making Singapore a real smart nation city.

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ShooStress Demo

Mood Journals
Create new mood journal
Mood Journal Insights
Facebook Camera Games to chill

ShooStress is an iOS application which aims to help students to manage their stress and mood.

As you know nowadays the world is getting competitive, students have to work even harder to master skillsets and get a decent job in the future.

There has been a case that a primary 5 student attempted to commit suicide due to his exam results was not ideal for the first time.

This has shown how much stress can lead to. This may not be the best/effective application to help students with stress and mood management, but we still do our part to contribute in making a better world.

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FoodComn Demo

Home Page
The user requesting to get food/snack from the community.
The community helping other users to get the food/snack by responding them.

FoodComm is a community platform that uses food to create a sociable community by getting the community to get food and snacks for each other. It allows people to set up a virtual restaurant to promote what they are cooking and people can subscribe to the owner of virtual restaurant for their daily meals. Further more, the community can also request for snacks (e.g kuih lapis, Japanese snacks) and people can respond to the requester in helping him/her to get the snacks.

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Guru of the Week - A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru is one of the leading training providers for cloud computing. On every week, A Cloud Guru will release a question related to AWS for us to answer the question. A Cloud Guru will pick the best answer among all the other answers by participants. My answer was chosen as the best answer among 30+ participants from different countries. As a result, I was featured on one of their videos "AWS This Week: AWS re:Invent 2018 Special - 2 December 2018" as the Guru of the Week.

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WorldSkills Singapore 2018/2019 ceremony
WorldSkills Singapore 2018/2019 Gold Medal for Cloud Computing
Huawei ICT 2018/2019 Competition - Cloud Track
Huawei ICT 2018/2019 Competition - 2nd Prize for Cloud Track

Here are some of the competitions I have took part so far.

Gold Medal at WorldSkills Singapore - Cloud Computing

2nd prize for Huawei ICT Competition 2019 Singapore - Cloud Computing track

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